Mind your own Dizziness

‘Mind your own Dizziness’ (2014) stems out of on-going project ‘Doors of Nothingness’ (2012-) that (con)textualizes myriad of thoughts within mindfulness of a wandering listener. These thoughts are assumed to be triggered by pervasive interaction with various immersive but evanescent auditory situations that the listener comes across. Essentially subject-oriented and contemplative, the work explores the itinerant sonic interaction occurring between listeners and constantly emerging situations as cognitive processes of ‘hyper-listening’ and thinking toward stimulating an ‘augmented intelligence’, which arguably disrupts and transcends the ontological and epistemological constrains of sound’s object-hood. This series of upcoming installation will work as a set of auditory situations for nomadic listener’s mindful intervention that contributes to the post-digital discourse on sound’s object-disorientation, subjectivity and nomadism.

The first version from the series of works was realized and exhibited during Art Hack Day, transmediale 2014, Berlin.

Video documentation: