Wandering Shadows of Sound_Budhaditya Chattopadhyay


Wandering Shadows of Sound, Digital Download, 2016, Impulsive Habitat, Bogotá.


All rights reserved. free use only with agreement of the author Joanna Kosowska. The author reserve the right to a free copy of every print or digital publication. Every use have to be credited by: Joanna Kosowska, photographer/ contact: For free use by the project leader, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay only in the context of the project ‘Tumbani: A Landscape in Metamorphoses’.   Decomposing Landscape, Digital Download, 2015, Touch, London.


Mercato San Lorenzo 3


San Lorenzo, CD compilation, 2014, Phonophon, Frankfurt.




A Day in the Life of a Listener: Digital Download, 2014, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt.




elegy for Bangalore: CD, 2013, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt AM.




Eye Contact with the City: .m4v video for iPhone/iPod/iPad, 2011, Touch, London.




Landscape in Metamorphoses: CD, 2008, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt AM.




Arenda: online release, 2007, SoundLAB, Cologne.




Benaras: CD compilation, 2006, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt AM.




On the move: Vinyl, 2006, 33.99 Records/M12 label, Berlin.