Upcoming exhibition at Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín as part of ‘Listenings‘, December 2 –

Conference presentation: ‘Writing on Sound/Writing with Sound‘, Media Art History Re-CREATE 2015, Montréal, November 2015.

Talk: ‘Auditory Situation and Contextual Listening‘, Kunstuniversität Graz, October 2015.

Live show, SPEKTRUM, Berlin, August 2015.

Publication: ‘Auditory (Con)texts: Writing on Sound‘. Ear │ Wave │ Event # 2. May 2015.

Live performance: Touch live at Donau Festival, Krems, May 2015.

Concert performance: Sonorities Festival 2015, Belfast, April 2015.

New release: Decomposing Landscape, Touch, March 2015.

Publication: ‘The auditory spectacle‘, The New Soundtrack, Edinburgh University Press, March 2015.