A Day in the Life of a Listener

6+1 channels sound installation, variable dimension

The installation creates a contingent environment to study seemingly mundane and ineffable auditory situations helping to perceive their spatial, temporal and quasi-musical developments. The work utilizes spatial practice with uninterrupted, unedited and unprocessed field recording in search of the traces of a story or evolving narrative that may take shape or spatio-temporally unfold in time. The work examines phenomenological developments of sonic experience at apparently locative but in essence unsitely, itinerant and uncertain auditory situations that appear and evaporate keeping probable chronicles in the field recordings. Being in open-ended situations and allowing listening to augment innately are the primary drives for the project, thus rendering the likely interpretation of the work ‘susceptible to divine influences’ as Indian musician Gita Sarabhai explained to John Cage in 1946. Following this, the work does not ascribe to the documentary approach inherent in field recording, by preferring to navigate around the epistemic constraints of the immediate meaning-making of sound.

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín in ‘Listenings‘,  December 2015 – March 2016.