Dismantling a Sound-work in Six Easy Steps

The installation explores artistic process involved in a sound composition. Not merely deconstructive in approach, it rather incorporates review and recapitulation of the process of composing that uses field recording as a material. The installation thus acts as a decomposition of the finished work in order to question over-determination in the end product of sound-based artworks. Primarily considering sound as an artistic material of essentially ephemeral in nature, the installation examines the trajectory of phenomenological development the work possibly has gone through. As methodology, it disengages the six primary layers of field recording materials used in the work. In doing so, the installation involves the audience to experience the work in a process-oriented way. The multi-level sound projection unwraps the work into its source material of field recording disembodied in their inability to translate actual location onto augmented space of the gallery, thereby remaining as visceral audio layers disposed to the audience as a speculative structure of the work. Rather than contributing to the tradition of process art, the installation stems out of a necessity to analyze, articulate and describe a sound-based artwork from a phenomenological angle. The artist’s current academic involvement with sound here works as a catalyst keeping the installation in a discursive state.

6-channel sound installation

Galleria Akusmata, Tukholmankatu 7 K, 00270 Helsinki, Finland

Opening on Saturday October 20th, 17-19

Running October 20th – November 16th, 2012

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