Co-sounding: Towards a Sonorous Land

For the Polyphonic Landscapes project

“Co-sounding: Towards a Sonorous Land” is an artistic research contribution to the Polyphonic Landscapes project. The research delves into a sonically empowered unpacking of the term and art history of ‘landscape.’ Considering it a construct of the Anthropocene, the study aims to destabilize and reconfigure canonical Dutch landscape paintings by Sonic Interaction Design as a participatory method to decolonize the static pictorial canvasses. Co-sounding develops an exhibition and a series of presentations on the critical issues of sound, ecology, listening, sensory politics, mediation, and coloniality. The research exhibition consists of custom-built framed canvasses equipped with sensors, code, and field recording; the audience interaction is computed to build participatory sonic narratives that are inclusive, situational, and artistically malleable, providing the audience with a creative agency.

More information on the research page.

Exhibitions: Zone2Source, Amsterdam, 2023; Errant Sound Gallery, Berlin, 2024.