Exile and Other Syndromes, Crónica, Porto, 2021.

The Well-tempered City_Budhaditya

The Well-tempered City, Touch, London, 2020.


The Nomadic Listener, Book+Release, Gruenrekorder/Errant Bodies, 2020.


Elements Songcycle, Vinyl, Cyland Audio Archive, St. Petersburg, 2017.

Wandering Shadows of Sound_Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Wandering Shadows of Sound, Impulsive Habitat, Bogotá, 2016.

All rights reserved. free use only with agreement of the author Joanna Kosowska. The author reserve the right to a free copy of every print or digital publication. Every use have to be credited by: Joanna Kosowska, photographer/ contact: For free use by the project leader, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay only in the context of the project ‘Tumbani: A Landscape in Metamorphoses’.   Decomposing Landscape, Touch, London, 2015.

Mercato San Lorenzo 3

San Lorenzo, CD compilation, Phonophon, Frankfurt, 2014.

A Day in the Life of a Listener, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt, 2014.

elegy for Bangalore: CD, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt AM, 2013.

Eye Contact with the City, Touch, London, 2011.

Landscape in Metamorphoses: CD, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt AM, 2008.

Arenda, SoundLAB, Cologne, 2007.

Benaras: CD compilation, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt AM, 2006.

On the move: Vinyl, 33.99 Records/M12 label, Berlin, 2006.