Passage to the City

Passage to the City_2Passage to the City explores the imperceptible sound-field existing between the itinerant city-dweller and the inhabited urban space of everyday. The project uses the method of sensitizing resonant frequency of the inaudible space by performative intervention of the city-dweller to develop a contingent composition. The resultant work redefines the ecologies of everyday listening by making hidden sound elements audible to the ear, in the process triggering the city-dweller’s imagination and awareness of an innate and pervasive sound-field present even in a presumably silent empty-space within the tangible environment of the city. Sounds generated by city-dweller’s interaction with the city are digitally mapped and mediated as primary materials of the work.

Exhibition opening: 3 March 2016, Alhambra Sound Garden, The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, 35 New Regent St Christchurch New Zealand 8011.