Talking Frame

From the ongoing project Expanded Object (2018 -)

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (in collaboration with Tobias Lintl)

The ongoing project Expanded Object responds to a crucial question: whether “sound” can be “exhibited” as an artistic object and whether exhibiting sound works is problematic considering the nature and characteristics of sound predominantly emerging as an invisible and immaterial phenomenon spilling over any artistic object framed within an exhibition setting. In addressing this fundamental question, the work “Talking Frame” examines how sound art can approach and negotiate materiality and objecthood within an exhibitory context by involving subjective contemplation triggered by a deliberate visual suggestion but a withdrawal of any visual information. The audio component of the work is derived from site-specific field recordings and phenomenological survey of these sited situations in recorded spoken words by the author, augmenting each other randomly.

Presented at ZKM Karlsruhe during Resonant Worlds: Sound, Art & Science conference; premiered at Foreningen for Samtidskunst, Copenhagen in 2018 and installed at The Grey Space in the Middle during ARC (art_research_convergence), ACPA, Leiden University.