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Guest Lecture, Department of Film and Media, UC Berkeley, 5 May 2022.

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Exhibition: Dhvāni, Rewire Festival, The Hague, September 2021.

Keynote Talk: “Hyper- and Co-listening: Thoughts on Sound, Selfhood, Solidarity, and Solace”, Music, Sound and Wellbeing conference, University of Eastern Finland, 9 September 2021.

Broadcast: A Nomad’s Guide to Listening, Ö1 Kunstradio, 15 August 2021

Curating: The Listening Biennial, Berlin, July – August 2021.

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Talk: Unrecord: Demodernising and/or Uncolonising Sound Objects, PRAKSIS, Sept 2020

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Residency: Copper Leg, Estonia, February – March 2020.

Grant: Artists + Machine Intelligence Grant, Google Arts And Culture and Google AI, New York, February 2020.

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Exhibition: Expanded Object, ACPA, Leiden, October 2019 – January 2020.

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Concert: Phonophon, INM, Frankfurt AM, September 2019.

Talk, Workshop, and Concert: Connecting Resonances, Raum-Musik, Musiksaal, University of Cologne, 27 September 2019.

Artist Residency and Concert: iii, Den Haag, September – October 2019.

Artist Residency and Concert: La Place, Barcelona, September 2019.

Concert: Convergence festival 2019, De Montfort University, Leicester, September 2019.

Solo Exhibition: Machine PoetryAkusmata, Helsinki, August – September 2019.

Workshop: Music, Sound and Wellbeing, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Sept2019

Lecture-performance: Unperforming Sound: from the Margins of Artistic Research, Kiasma Museum/University of the Arts, Helsinki, August 2019

Talk, Exhibition and Performance: Post-immersion: Towards a discursive situation in sound and media art, RE:SOUND, Media Art History conference 2019, Aalborg University.

Exhibition: Uncommon Nature, Blindside, June – Oct 2019

Lecture-performance: “AI 2.0: Artificial Idiocy and Sound (Art)” at Politics of the Machines, Beirut, 11 – 14 June 2019.

Publication: Eye Contact with the City: A Discourse on Contemporary Urban Sounds[in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film & Moving Image Studies 6.2, 2019

Symposium: Transformations of the Audible, The Royal Academy of Art Den Haag, The Royal Conservatoire, and WEST Den Haag, 16 – 18 May 2019.

Curatorial Intervention, Workshop & Concert: La Semaine du Son, Beirut, 8-15 May 2019.

Talk: Listening from the Balcony: Affective Resonances of the Contemporary Time, Center for Arts and Humanities, American University of Beirut, 18 April 2019.

Talk: The Brown Canon: Non-Western Perspectives in Sound Studies, Sonologia, University of São Paulo, 9 – 12 April 2019.

Solo Concert: estudiofitacrepe, São Paulo, April 2019

Solo Concert: Irtijal Festival, Beirut, March 2019.

Artist Residency: Le Cube, Rabat, March 2019.

Workshop and Seminar: Connecting Resonances I: Beirut, American University of Beirut, with Prof. Brandon LaBelle, 21 – 26th February 2019.

Publication: “Uneasy Listening: Perspectives on (Nordic) Sound Art after the Digital”, in Ag, Tanya Toft.  (ed.), Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary ArtBristol: Intellect/The Chicago University Press. February 2019.

Exhibition: Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa, December 2018.

Seminar: Affective Atmospheres: Site-specific sound, neighborhood music and the social formation, Center for Arts and Humanities, American University of Beirut, November’18

Conference Presentation: “Mise-en-sonore: Improvising with Space in Sound Art,” in Space, Sound and the Improvisatory, Οnassis Cultural Centre, Athens, October 2018.

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Exhibition: Echoing Field, Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf, September – November 2018.

Installation: Expanded Object, The Grey Space in the Middle, Den Haag, September 2018.

Essay: Canonization and the Color of Sound StudiesSounding Out!, August 2018.

Residency: Liminaria 2018, Guardia Sanframondi, South Italy, July 2018.

Concert and workshop: Jardins Efémeros festival, Portugal, July 2018.

Concert: “A Nomad’s Guide to Listening”, Ephémère, The Hague, June 2018

Concerts and workshop: Baltic Tour – Riga, May – June 2018.

Exhibition: Expanded Object, Foreningen for Samtidskunst, Copenhagen, April 2018.

Presentation: “Against Immersion: Towards a discursive situation in media art”, inSonic2017, ZKM Karlsruhe, December 2017.

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Exhibition: Resonating Field (from Decomposing Landscape), Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague, November 2017.

Exhibition: Exile and Other Syndromes, Rogaland Kunstsenter/Screen City Biennial, October 2017.

Exhibition: Talking Frame, ZKM Karlsruhe, September 2017.

Presentation: “Expanded Object: Rereading the History of Sound Art”, ISACS17 – Resonant Worlds: Sound, Art & Science, ZKM Karlsruhe, 28 – 30 September 2017.

Live act: Nacht van Kunst & Kennis, Leiden, September 2017.

New essay: Against ImmersionSonic Field, August 2017.

Broadcast: documenta14 (public radio), July 2017.

New publication: autolistening, Exercises in Listening issue 3

New release on Vinyl: Elements Songcycle, June 2017.

Exhibition and presentation: “Decomposing Landscape“, ISEA2017, Manizales, June 2017.

Concert intervention: SPEKTRUM Berlin, June 2017.

Concert and publication: University of Applied Arts Vienna, May 2017.

Solo concert: “Listening and its discontents“, Alte Feuerwache, Köln, May 2017.

Artist’s talk: Goethe University Frankfurt, May 2017.

Publication: “Talking Field: Listening to the Troubled Site.” Journal for Artistic Research 13, April 2017.

Lecture-concert/artistic presentation: The Hague, March 2017.

Artists’ talk, Gujral Foundation/The Creative Community, New Delhi, December 2016.

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Artists’ talk and live concert performances in Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2016.

Talk: “Breaking the Wall of Sound“, Falling Walls Lab, Aarhus University, September 2016.

Publication: “Endnotes on the Margin of Listening”, in Dirty Ear Report #1, Berlin: Errant Bodies Press, September 2016.

Workshop: “Hyper-listening: Praxis“, University of Applied Arts Vienna, September 2016.

Release: Wandering Shadows of Sound, Impulsive Habitat, August 2016.

Arithmetic of Distance in Helicotrema Festival 2016.

Publication: “Being There: Evocation of the Site in Contemporary Indian Cinema”, Journal of Sonic Studies 12, Leiden University Press, July 2016.

Publication: Émergence de nouvelles conceptions sonores”, Paris: Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, June 2016.

Presentation: “Beyond Matter: Object-disoriented Sound Art“, Sound Art Matters Conference, Aarhus,  June 2016.

Presentation: “Unwriting Sound“, International Conference on Artistic Research, The Royal Academy of Art
 and Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, April 2016.

Artist in residence, Q-O2, Brussels, April 2016.

Solo exhibition: Passage to the City, The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, Christchurch, 3  – 31 March 2016.

Concert performance: Vorspiel 2016, transmediale, Berlin, January 2016.

Premiere: Exile and Other Syndromes, IEM, Kunstuniversität Graz, January 2016.

Talk: Object-disoriented Sound: Poetic Intervention in Listening and Meaning-making, IEM, Kunstuniversität Graz, January 2016.

Exhibition: A Day in the Life of a Listener, ‘Listenings‘, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, December 2015 – March 2016.

Award: audiot (shortlisted), Dot Award, New Media Writing Prize, London, January 2016.

Screening: Talking Field (shortlisted for the inaugural Sluice Screens Prize 2015), Sluice Screens, London, December 2015 – January 2016.

Conference presentation: ‘Writing on Sound/Writing with Sound‘, Media Art History Re-CREATE 2015, UQAM and Hexagram, Montréal, November 2015.

Talk: ‘Auditory Situation and Contextual Listening‘, Kunstuniversität Graz, October 2015.

Publication: ‘Auditory (Con)texts: Writing on Sound‘. Ear │ Wave │ Event # 2. May 2015.

Live performance: Touch live at Donau Festival, Krems, May 2015.

Live show, SPEKTRUM, Berlin, August 2015.

Concert performance: Sonorities Festival 2015, Belfast, April 2015.

Release: Decomposing Landscape, Touch, March 2015.

Publication: ‘The auditory spectacle‘, The New Soundtrack, Edinburgh University Press, March 2015.

Publication: ‘An Elegy for the City : Composing the Urban Character‘. Leonardo Music Journal, The MIT Press, Vol. 24, December 2014

New piece for radio, commissioned by RRS Museo Reina Sofía Radio, November 2014.

First prize, Computer and Electronic Music, Computer Space festival, Sofia, 2014.

Publication: ‘Sonic drifting: sound, city and psychogeography‘, SoundEffects 3.3

Live performance at TodaysArtWonderwerp, Den Haag, 24 September 2014.

Solo performance at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, 18 September 2014.

Panel at ESSA2014, sound studies conference, Copenhagen, June 2014.

New release: A Day in the Life of a Listener, Gruenrekorder, May 2014.

essay appears in NY Arts Magazine, April 2014.

Publication: ‘Object-disoriented Sound‘, APRJA, volume 3, issue 1, March 2014.

Artist in Residence, ICST, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Jan-Feb 2014.

Presentation: ‘Audible Evidence’ at Visible Evidence 21, New Delhi, Dec 14, 2014.

Solo performance at Leth and Gori, Copenhagen, August 2014.

A table is a table (pilot project), installation for sound and found objects at ‘Fringes Form’, Nålen, Copenhagen, July 2014. Talk at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole, Denmark, 23 July 2014.

Live show at Dansk Standardpoesi, Vejen Kunstmuseum, 11 May 2014.

Talk: sound’s visuality, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 8 May 2014.

Workshop and Performance from Hyper-listening: praxis at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 13 February 2014.

Post-Digital Research panel, transmediale 2014, Berlin, 1 February 2014.

Mind your own Dizziness’, Art Hack Daytransmediale 2014, Berlin, 29 January – 2 February 2014. 

Conversation at Sensing Cities aired on Resonance104.4fm, 31st January 2014.

Presentation at ‘Literature, Media, Sound‘, Aarhus University, 28-30 November 2013.

Presentation at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle 3, Paris, 13-14 November 2013.

Interview taken by Mr. Mike Harding (Touch, London) aired on ‘Long Wave 6′ at Resonance104.4fm, 12th November, (recorded in Bergen, Norway).

Presentation and performance at ‘Dirty Ear Forum‘, Marken 37 and Landmark, Kunsthall, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB), 1 November 2013.

Workshop – ‘sound art im globalen kontext’, Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, 23 October 2013.

Workshop/presentation at Kunsthal Aarhus, Post-digital Research, Digital Aesthetics/Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University & reSource transmedial culture berlin/transmediale, October 2013.

Presentation from project ‘Post-cinematic Sound’, IASA-BAAC Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2013.

Presentation at ‘Sound Art Curating‘, ZKM Karlsruhe, August, 2013

Publication: article appears in Journal of Sonic Studies. Vol. 4, Issue 1.

Solo exhibition: The Room within a View, the Widget Art Gallery, May 15th – June 15th, 2013.

Group exhibition: The Well Tempered City, Spazioersetti Gallery, Udine, Italy, May 25th – May 26th, 2013.

Teaching course: ‘Sound Design for film and video: course in production (sound/digital media)’, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, Spring term 2013.

Release: elegy for Bangalore, CD, Gruenrekorder, Germany, March 2013.

Publication: Interview appears at ’In the Field: The Art of Field Recording‘. C. Lane & A. Carlyle (eds). Uniformbooks. February 2013.

Publication: article appears in SoundEffects -Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience, vol 2, no. 2. February 2013.

Dirty Ear Forum, sound, multiplicity and radical listening, Errant Bodies, Berlin, (reSource 003: P2P Vorspiel, Transmediale 2013); Workshop: January 19th – 20th, 2013; Opening: January 26th, 2013 – 7pm; Exhibition: January 27th – February 3rd.

Live showA cinema for the ear, New Delhi, February 2nd, 2013

Presentation: Post-cinematic Sound at EXPRESSION, SENSATION, MEDIATION, Copenhagen, December 2012.

Presentation at RE-NEW Digital Arts Festival / IMAC Conference, Aalborg University, Copenhagen campus, 21 November, 2012.

Solo exhibition: ‘Dismantling a Sound-work in Six Easy Steps‘, Akusmata Gallery, Helsinki, 20 October – 16 November 2012.

Artist’s Talk and Presentation at Theatre Academy Helsinki, 22 October, 2012

Teaching course: ‘Art of Sound in Cinema: course in cinematic sound studies‘, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, Fall term 2012.

Artists’ Talk and Live Performance, Cinemateket, CPH PIX, Copenhagen, 1 September 2012.

Publication: article appears in Field Notes, issue 3, August, 2012. Live Performance, ‘The Global Composition’ conference, Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, July 26, 2012

Concert, SOUND//SPACE, SoundFjord, London, 15 July, 2012 Visiting Scholar, University of California Santa Cruz, June -July, 2012.

Presentation: Sonification of Cinema at Music & The Moving Image conference, NYU, New York. June, 2012.

Collaborative Performance ‘Klangkörper’, Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen, 28 & 29 April 2012

Collaborative Installation-PerformanceClone Wars, City Hall, Copenhagen, 29 February, 2012 Concert, Byens Lys, Copenhagen, 21 February, 2012.

Talk-showNattevagten, Radio24syv, Copenhagen, 3 January, 2012

Concert, penthouse gallery, Kong Arthur, Copenhagen, 2 January, 2012

Publication: article appears in  Organised Sound, volume 17, special issue 03, Cambridge University Press, January 2012

Joined as PhD Fellow at Department of Media, Cognition and Communication in University of Copenhagen, 1 October, 2011.

concert at Blipfonica, 23rd September 2011, 8 PM.

Phonophon concert series, Institut für Neue Medien (INM), Frankfurt AM, 7th September 2011, 8 PM.

Artist in Residence at School of Music, Bangor University (supported and funded by British Council and Charles Wallace India Trust), July- September 2011.

Release: Eye Contact with the CityTouch Music, London, June 2011.

‘Eye Contact with the City’ receives an Honorary Mention in the Digital Music/Sound Art category of PRIX Ars Electronica, Linz, May 2011

this_location, sound installation, Studio 21, CIMA (Centre for International Modern Art), Kolkata, April, 2011.

Live show, Jaaga, Bangalore, 19th December 2010.

Artist in Residence at  Jaaga, Bangalore, October – December 2010.

‘windsong’ from Elements Song-cycle (2008-), features at the festival Sguardi Sonori, 9 – 30 October 2010

‘audible absence’, sound installation, ‘In Other Words’ exhibit, Select II, Bangalore, 3 – 5 October 2010.

‘Eye Contact with the City’ (version I), sound/video installation, Rococo Art Gallery, Bangalore, 25-27th September 2010

Live performance, SAMUHA gallery, Bangalore, 20 August 2010.

Conducting workshop: “Sound, Environment and Space” at SAMUHA gallery, Bangalore, 19-20 August 2010.

Artist in Residence at  BAR1Bangalore, July- September 2010.

Artist’s talk: ‘Music of Sonic Space’ at Studio 21CIMA (Center for International Modern Art) in Kolkata on 1st July 2010. Review of the event at The Telegraph.

‘A Landscape in Metamorphoses’, Media Archival project – fieldwork, supported and funded by Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam, January 2009 – February 2010.

Broadcast, Programme for Sound Art, Copenhagen, September, 2009. Master of Arts in New Media/Sound Art completed, Aarhus University, Denmark, February 2009

‘The Four Corners’, sound installation, ‘Nature of The City’ group show, Religare Arts Gallery, New Delhi, 16th December 2008 – 12th January 2009.

Concert Tour: Elements, Berlin-Dresden-Hamburg-Arhus, 2008-2009.

Release: ‘Landscape in Metamorphoses‘, CD, Gruenrekorder, Germany, 2008.

‘Passage’, sound installation, Private Flat 4.1, Florence, June 2008.

‘San Lorenzo’, sound installation, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, May 2008.

Master of Arts in New Media starts, Aarhus University, Denmark, August 2007

Diploma in Cinema/Audiography completed, SRFTI, India, August 2007

Release: ‘Benaras’, AudioArt Compilation 03, CD, Gruenrekorder, Germany, 2006

Live concert, Wanderlust, Frankfurt AM, 2006.

Live concert and  Vinyl release of ‘on the move’ at Club Transmediale, Berlin 2006