Hyper-listening: praxis

Budhaditya Live at SoundFjord London IIHyper-listening: praxis is a series of workshops that operates as a set of exercises and collaborative experiments involving the methodology of “hyper-listening” that intends to explore the transcendental aspect of listening and engaged learning about the surrounding environment by a production of subjectivity. The participants are asked to locate certain sites that trigger a multitude of associative thoughts, imaginations and/or personal memories emerging as a response to being in an immersive environment of contemporary urban life. The participants are guided to utilize these auditory associations helping them engage independently, inclusively and contemplatively with their environment. The outcomes are presented in a collective setting at the end of the workshop. This on-going series of workshops have been previously conducted in various arts, humanities, and cultural institutions across Europe, and Asia to mobilize and spread an awareness of social inclusion, tolerance for difference and the contemplative acceptance of the others in the context of today’s turbulent times.


Autentika, Riga, May 2018.

Café ChercherVOX-POP, Amsterdam, April 2018.

inSonic2017 festival, ZKM Karlsruhe, December 2017.

Goethe University Frankfurt, May 2017.

University of Applied Arts Vienna, September 2016.

Q-02, Brussels, April 2016.

Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, February 2014.


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