Connecting Resonances

Media Arts (e.g. film, video, installation, sound art, and digital art) in the so-called “non-Western” societies (e.g. in South Asia, Middle-East, South East Asia, or broadly within the Global South) have a belated emergence and a shorter history. This postdoctoral project will critically look at the current rise of technology-based artistic practice in the Global South as a case for decolonization of the media art and culture with a concerted effort to resist the cultural imperialism of the West. The primary argument is that, given the spatiotemporally distinct nature of traditional art in these societies (e.g. temporality, spatiality, and subjectivity), this emergence can be seen as a response to the East-West conflict and confluence that started in the early part of 18th century through artistic exchanges and cultural transmissions triggered by an escalating interaction between East and West as a result of Europe’s colonial pursuits in the East. This conflict and confluence will be traced by artistic production, critical and reflective analysis, and historicizing relevant works that incorporate media technology tending to recognize traditionally oral and temporally nonlinear art in the Global South conforming to culturally imperialist and modernist pressures of the West. The project will culminate in an exhibition and publications. Such practice-based approach will help to produce new knowledge in the “non-Western” ontologies (in a predominantly Eurocentric context of artistic research), decolonization, histories of media art in the Global South, as well as early globalization, and cultural exchanges between the West, and its ignored counterparts.


Connecting Resonances I: Beirut, 21 – 26 February 2019.


2019. Beyond Immersion: Entertaining through Sound. London: Palgrave Macmillan (forthcoming).

2018. Between the Headphones: Sound Practice in Indian Cinema. Bombaykala Books (forthcoming).


Dhvani (in development)