Situations and Circumstances

Wandering Shadows of Sound_Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Situations and Circumstances is a project to study seemingly mundane auditory situations by means of examining their temporal, spatial and quasi-musical development. The project utilises methodology of raw, unedited and uninterrupted field recording that are in search of a story eventually unfolding in time. The purely situational and circumstantial evidences found in these works are primarily inclined to capture and frame the mystical nature of sound. This series of works are interested in the phenomenological account of sonic experience at locative auditory situations that appear and diminish keeping register as a chronicle in field recording. Faith in nature is a major inspiration for the works, thus rendering the compositions ‘susceptible to divine influences’ as Indian musician Gita Sarabhai explained to John Cage in 1946 (Cage 1973: 158, 226).


Wandering Shadows of Sound, Digital Download, 2016, Impulsive Habitat, Bogotá.

Before Evening at the Roadside from this series has been contributed to 100 x John, an initiative by Ear to the Earth in the spirit of the 100th birth anniversary of John Cage.

New release: A Day in the Life of a Listener, Gruenrekorder, May 2014.